Vrtuhub Pitch


My name is Bilal Khan, and I am the founder of Vrtuhub, an emerging crypto-centric eSports startup. I am reaching out to you today with an exciting proposition that could revolutionize your community engagement and brand presence. I am convinced that the world of eSports holds immense potential for crypto projects, and I would like to share my vision for collaboration.

I’ve been working on an eSports startup to introduce and convince crypto projects to give eSports a chance. Crypto Communities are large, diverse and passionate about their tokens and I believe eSports is a perfect fit for them.

eSports is a highly competitive form of video games that is skill based. It often takes the form of organized competitions between players, individually or teams it is usually broadcasted or live streamed. Large brands like Redbull, Shopify, Mastercard and Pepsi are all involved in esports as it is viewed as a huge marketing tool for reaching the millions of views these events receive on YouTube/Twitch with high user engagement. Crypto projects have ignored this as they don’t understand it or see how it’s related to crypto. This will change that!

Why eSports and Crypto are a Perfect Match

Crypto communities are known for their diversity and passion. These communities rally around tokens, and their enthusiasm can be harnessed in unique ways. eSports, the highly competitive world of skill-based video gaming, offers the ideal platform to channel this passion. eSports events consistently draw millions of viewers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, and they provide a golden opportunity for brand exposure and engagement.

Major brands such as Redbull, Shopify, Mastercard, and Pepsi have already recognized the marketing potential of eSports. Yet, the crypto sector has largely overlooked this opportunity due to a lack of understanding and connection to the world of eSports. This is where Vrtuhub steps in to bridge the gap.

Introducing Vrtuhub - Your Gateway to eSports

Vrtuhub is more than just a platform; it’s a global eSports hub designed for crypto projects. We offer a speedy approach to eSports involvement, allowing gamers, users, influencers, and projects to come together seamlessly. Our platform serves as a professional eSports profile builder (LinkedIn for eSports). Crypto projects can establish community-backed eSports teams and even organize sponsored or white-label virtual and in-person events (Airbnb for eSports). Our goal is to streamline the entire process and make it as effortless as possible for projects to dive into eSports and grow with us.

What do we want from Projects

We invite projects to establish an eSports team page on our platform. This will allow your community members to participate in upcoming tournaments and serve as a powerful marketing tool to connect with mainstream gamers.

Each new addition increases the overall excitement, engagement, and viewership. Imagine your community members competing in eSports tournaments and competing against other projects’ communities. The collaborative spirit will create a thriving ecosystem where everyone benefits from each other’s marketing efforts.

How this works

I am not asking you to sponsor an existing eSports team, I ask you to create your own community-driven eSports team and invite your vast community members to apply for the different games and genres out there. CSGO, SIM racing, League of Legends etc. We could call them “Bitcoin” Slammar - community eSports.

There are a handful of projects out there already that have a gaming lounge on discord and they do a games night with their community members (with little to no marketing), these people play for free. They might play some fall guy and 20 people join. This cost them nothing but time, the ones organizing these community gaming nights enjoy doing it and just want to play and interact with their community. They may stream it, it’s something they enjoy.

Now let’s expand this, your project wants to play some fall guy, but instead of only inviting its own community to join you open up and say ‘hey Venus Protocol’ come bring your community here and let’s play against each other. This will cost nothing but time. As we start playing against each other teams will form and the most skillful players will stand out. The community that does well will stand out and everyone competing will be in a position to leverage each other’s communities and audience. Now we have a community-driven eSports team for your project and those other projects. You’ve entered the realm of eSports and you could capture and wow this audience.

These will be free events that you could host and our website will help you manage and invite not just your community but all those signed up with us to take part too.

Crypto Tournament (Prize money kind)

Let’s make this more exciting and host the “ [Your Project] League of Legends Mini Series” on Vrtuhub. Invite your community to compete, and let other crypto projects join the tournament as well. This will be a virtual tournament (so no need for an expensive venue, licenses) etc. Projects purchase your tokens to enter, we take a cut to cover additional expenses which will need to be paid in a stablecoin (30%), the remaining 70% contributes to a substantial and sustainable prize fund. We’ll handle the event broadcasting and commentary, ensuring that your community gets the recognition it deserves.

Something like this would cost you $1500 for a 1, 2 maybe 3 hour gaming session, this will cover expenses. Those not playing can view the broadcast on YouTube/Twitch (potential to stream on metaverses too) and cheer their team/community on. These events are skill-based, not AI controlled and allow the players competing to build up their influence and status. We could expect the projects involved in this series to tweet about or share the broadcast link on telegram/discord, go watch and support us etc.

If 15 projects want to compete and pay a $1000 entry fee, that’s a $10,000 crypto prize pool, sustainably funded by teams acquiring tokens from the open market - cost for each team is minimum. The Players that win or perform well, keep the prize money. Since we have prize money, gamers and professionals hear about it and want to claim that, so they apply to play and represent your project and those other teams. This is getting exciting!

Aside from that broadcasting, we will compile highlight clips and best moments from these events, further boosting brand awareness on platforms like YouTube. This is a sporting event so we expect social media to play a big role here.

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Vrtuhub is founded on a passionate commitment to make eSports accessible and affordable for everyone. We keep costs to a minimum to ensure that projects can participate without straining their budgets.

I would like to embark on this journey and grow together. As for why others are not doing it like this. Well, I’ve had a tough time getting this all together, but what I’ve learnt is. If you have a large team and a bunch of executives that want to attend meetings etc they want a very profitable business and something like this is deemed too small for them, the business will have too many shareholders and a model like this is not worth their time. eSports does not need to be extravagant; it’s about the joy of gaming and that is I am keeping it affordable.

With Vrtuhub, it’s just me doing something I’m very passionate about, one that I wholeheartedly believe in. Our aim is to encourage every crypto project to establish its own eSports team, placing the power in the hands of the community. These gamers are everywhere. and we’re dedicated to keeping costs low not just for ourselves but for all involved. This is my mission, and now, I’m reaching out to projects, urging them to give this initiative a chance. While the absence of deep-pocketed investors and backers poses challenges, it also means we can maintain affordability without compromising on quality. We’re striving for nothing less than the best. There’s very little to lose if this doesn’t work out.

Benefits for Vrtuhub

Having you onboard will be a big boost for us. One of the things that comes up is ‘nobody is doing this, what is esports & what’s the point’ etc. I’ve had some team members like it but project managers say no, some projects want to copy the trend and are not interested in learning about something no one is doing. Getting an initial team together will build my credibility, doing a debut event will show them there is a demand for this in Crypto, they just don’t know it yet. I fully expect others will want to get involved once this has started. It would be a huge accelerator for us to have more projects take on this initiative by joining us.

Thank you for reading,

Bilal Khan
Founder of Vrtuhub