Joystream: A Blockchain-Powered Video Platform for Anyone.

JoyStream is a user-owned platform, akin to the Trinity or the Deathly Hallows. It empowers users to get involved, participate and help shape the platform with its innovation. 

Published: 9/24/2023, Updated 1/31/2024


What is Joystream

JoyStream has been under development for several years, launching its mainnet in December 2022. It is a user-owned platform built as a collection of interconnected applications that I think of as the Trinity in Christian belief or the Deathly Hallows in Harry Potter lore. It is an open-source platform empowering users to get involved, participate and help shape the platform with its innovation. 

The purpose behind the platform is to create an open-source ecosystem that encourages user participation, collaboration, and active contribution. It aims to unite creators, builders, and users under a single roof. The light paper is viewable here dfdsfd sdf

Key Components

JoyStream Blockchain

At the heart of JoyStream is its blockchain, built on the Substrate platform, seamlessly integrating with the Polkadot ecosystem. The native token $JOY, plays a pivotal role in accessing and governing the network, ensuring security, and granting access to network services and block space. The gas fees collected in $JOY are burned.

  • Unique opportunities for creators:
    • Video NFTs: Users can mint Video NFTs for content ownership, transferable within the Joystream platform. Creators may continue to receive royalties when these NFTs are resold.
    • Creator Tokens: Content creation becomes more than a hobby; creators can issue tokens, facilitating revenue sharing with their viewers and holders.
    • Creator Rewards: The council awards $JOY tokens to deserving creators for their contributions.



The DAO is represented by users and nominated council members. Discussions primarily take place at https://pioneerapp.xyz/  with daily open calls on Discord for community members to pop into.

Anyone can post on the forums by paying a small gas fee. Token holders have voting rights to vote in council members during elections. Token holders may post proposals and council members are entrusted to vote on proposals. Council members change periodically, Token holders can write up a manifest and rally support for a seat at the council.

Serving under the council are Working groups with specific roles, such as marketing and HR, that contribute to the platform's long-term development. These could be long-term positions for long-term development. These positions are all imbursed in $JOY tokens minted by the council. The team is diverse and open, Anyone interested in applying for positions should look here.



Atlas is a user-friendly, open-source UI that compliments the JoyStream Blockchain for easy accessibility to the network. Signing up on the network gives you access to all apps built on Atlas. There are two apps currently built on which are gleev.xyz and l1.media . Gleev focuses on Web3 and Crypto content whereas L1.media is for education, news, science, and entertainment beyond borders.

The rationale behind this is to have multiple front ends for a more focused content base but videos uploaded through one front end are accessible through another keeping it all in one place. Think of it as Netflix, Disney+ and Paramount+ catalogues all accessible through each other's app. 

Users can access it to:

  • Watch content hosted on the Joystream network
  • Explore the most popular content and channels
  • Sign up for your Joystream membership
  • Create a channel and publish content
  • Issue and trade NFTs for the content you've published

My thoughts on all this

JoyStream Blockchain:  I've uploaded a video and it works. I can upload content using Atlas. The video is uploaded separately and some data gets published through the blockchain. I’ve encountered multiple errors during my upload. It was initially encoded to h265 which may have been the issue. Clear guidelines for video format encoding settings would be beneficial for users.

Pioneer:  The desktop version is amazing, feature-packed and well-presented, but I’m mobile first and it is difficult to navigate on mobile. A mobile UI is in the works. I have not posted on Pioneer or its forum but the team is active on Discord and feedback is heard.

Atlas:  I like Atlas, but I don't go on Gleev or L1 media as there isn’t content for me. They function well but it does not serve me any entertaining or interesting content. Most of what I see on the home page is in foreign languages and I have to know and search if I want something. We live in a day and age where TikTok and YouTube use algorithms that just tell you what to watch. 

Atlas seems to employ essential cookies for storing anonymous user data which is thoughtful but it leads to a generic and untailored experience. There is a featured section (although not on the home page), where videos are selected by council members for being high quality but this doesn't solve the content discovery issue. However, you can follow channels to make the content you like more accessible. Perhaps add some hot categories to filter through at the top like we can see on Dlive and Youtube. Whatever it takes to help users find content.

The UI for Atlas is nice but needs personality. Gleev, L1 and others look identical. Atlas provides a clean, stock experience, but there's room for customization. Drawing inspiration from companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo, who personalise Android interfaces, dApps could potentially disrupt the video industry by offering a more branded UI tailored to user preferences.

Having content is great but without users to watch them it's just chasing upload count numbers to impress investors. Joystream is considering an idea of short-term upload exclusivity to reward dedicated fans, similar to what large channels like LTT do on platforms like floatplane.com Additionally, Creator Tokens offer exciting opportunities for content creators and their supporters, making it a unique selling point.

I've been a member of the Discord channel for over a month and I'm impressed by the strength of the DAO community. Engaging discussions happen both on Discord and in forums. Initially, I had concerns about potential chaos, power struggles, and lead times but the team has proven to be efficient, involved, and attentive to the community's needs. As Joystream continues to grow and more users join, we'll see if this success persists.

What this could mean for Vrtuhub

In terms of Vrtuhub's potential interaction with Joystream, it's worth noting that the council's current focus has been on crypto content. This is likely due to the team's familiarity with it and Joystream operates as a Web 3 platform that has attracted users and content creators from within this space. While eSports is a substantial industry, it might take some time to pitch, propose, and debate its inclusion within Joystream due to differing levels of understanding and appeal among council members.

For now, I'm not directly involved with the council, but I'm closely observing Joystream's development and growth, eager to see how it navigates the evolving landscape of online content and continues to innovate.

Update as of September 29, 2023: Joystream has generously provided me with a tip for this article.


Disclaimer: The following article reflects the personal viewpoint of the author Bilal Khan and is not intended to serve as professional financial guidance. Its primary purpose is to provide educational and engaging content. Please be aware that investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risks, and there are no assured returns. Always conduct thorough research before making any financial decisions.