AMD EXPO on KingBank 6400MHz CL32 DDR5 RAM!

KingBank's RGB DDR5 6400MHz RAM offers great performance at a very competitive price.

Published: 1/31/2024, Updated 2/23/2024

KingBank SharpBlade RGB DDR5 32GB Dual Channel 6400MHz CL32

  • The brand isn't very known
  • System failed to post with 4 RAM DIMMS running at the EXPO profile


KingBank’s DDR5 6400MHz SharpBlade CL-32 RAM impresses with dazzling RGB and competitive performance, supporting Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO profiles. Ryzen’s stability issues arise with all four DIMMs populated at 6400MHz but it's smooth sailing with only two sticks.

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KingBank's DDR5 6400MHz SharpBlade CL-32 Kit Unveiled

KingBank enters the RAM market with a bang through its DDR5 6400MHz SharpBlade CL-32 kit. The packaging, a sleek black box emblazoned with the KingBank logo and labels denoting High-Performance and Gaming DRAM, reveals two sticks of RAM nestled within a plastic casing. As I have two of these kits, I've tinkered with a total of 4 RAM DIMMs.

Cutting-Edge Design: Aluminum Heat Spreaders and RGB Mastery


Each RAM DIMM flaunts a striking design featuring a 2mm aluminum heat spreader in pristine white, complemented by an RGB infuser that seamlessly syncs with leading lighting systems like MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0. The aesthetic prowess meets technological finesse in this KingBank offering. The MSI Mystic Lighting works seamlessly, offering various effects. I've opted for static green lighting, but the other effects function flawlessly.

Performance & Compatibility: XMP 3.0, AMD EXPO, and System Challenges


This kit impressively supports Intel XMP 3.0 and, intriguingly, allows for loading an AMD EXPO profile during testing, promising compatibility with AM5. With timings set at 32-39-39-80 using SK Hynix A-die chips, the competitive edge is evident. However, when populating all four DIMM slots on an MSI B650M Mortar Wifi with BIOS Version 7D76vA9 released on 2023-12-07, the system initially boots but activating the 6400MHz EXPO profile leads to a failure to post. The motherboard debug LEDs point to a CPU and RAM issue.

Removing the additional two RAM DIMMs resolves the boot problem, highlighting the difficulty of achieving stability with four sticks on Ryzen CPUs, a known challenge, particularly with overclocked EXPO memory on all DIMM slots. I suspect the 6400mhx XMP profile with 4 DIMMS will work fine on intel systems but I have not verified this.

I have been able to set the memory bus on AM5 infinity fabric to 2133mhz and UCLK = MEMCLK to run two DIMMs in dual channel, at 6400MHZ on a true 1:1 ratio. This is impressive and shows the BIOS and memory controller updates have allowed for high-speed overclocked RAM.


Warranty Assurance

While stability appears promising, the long-term reliability remains uncertain. KingBank's choice of SK Hynix A-die memory chips adds a confident touch, sought after for their lower timings and stability. Encouragingly, KingBank's website prominently features an RMA form, ensuring a lifetime warranty for memory modules and a 3-year warranty for SSDs, providing a reassuring safety net for users.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Venus Protocol for supplying us with a grant to get things rolling. This item was purchased using their grant fund but has in no way influenced my judgment of the product.

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