An Unbeatable Deal Amidst the Epos Operations Wind Down

EPOS is discontinuing its gaming division, potentially marking the B20 as an incredible bargain

Published: 1/31/2024, Updated 2/23/2024

EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone

  • Lacks premium feel compared to competitors
  • Not recommended for professional podcasting or music recording
  • Limited functionalities for advanced users
  • Lack of compatibility with a shock mount


The Ideal mic for entry-level users which offers a simple setup, and excellent clarity. Grab this on sale if you can!

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Who is Epos

EPOS is a Danish audio company specialising in premium audio solutions, particularly in gaming headsets. The company has roots dating back to 2018 as a joint venture between Demant and Sennheiser but later evolved into an independent company owned by Demant. The recent decision to discontinue their gaming division may result in significant discounts on existing inventory, potentially making the B20 a steal for those in the market.

How Much You Say!

I scored a £180 Item for just £39.99 (including VAT and shipping) through EVERGAME, Dispatched by Amazon for that added assurance! Still looks to be £130 elsewhere, and signals a potential clearance trend approaching. Keep a look out - Don't miss out on this opportunity!

What's Inside the Box

  • Desk stand and screw
  • 2.9 m USB cable
  • Epos B20 Dynamic Microphone
  • The usual leaflets/user guide

The included desk stand provides stability with its hefty weight, a handy inclusion for beginners. Investing in a boom arm or secure clamp is advisable to centre the microphone on your voice for optimal voice clarity. While shock mounts aren't compatible, the provided mount features a standard 3/8” thread. The microphone feels light and lacks a premium feel but it still maintains a reassuring build quality it does not feel as nice to touch as the Rode, Beyerdynamic and Audio Technica microphones I have.

Plug in and go

The B20 prides itself on simplicity; a single USB cable connects it to your device, facilitating a hassle-free setup perfect for beginners, gamers, or streamers seeking a plug-and-play solution. However, musicians or podcasters aiming for intricate soundscapes might find the USB connectivity limiting. This microphone is best suited for straightforward voiceovers, live streaming, or gaming commentary.

Controls on the Microphone

  • Mute/Unmute Recording: Instantly silence or activate the microphone with a simple press, offering privacy and control over when your voice is captured and also if you're just using it for audio playback.
  • Adjust Headset Volume: Directly tweak the headphone volume on the microphone itself, enabling quick adjustments for audio output without interrupting gameplay or activities.
  • Adjust Microphone Gain: Fine-tune the microphone's sensitivity to capture audio at the desired volume level, ensuring clear and crisp recordings without distortion or background noise.
  • Change Pickup Patterns: Switch between various pickup patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, stereo, bidirectional) to adapt to different recording scenarios, optimizing audio capture for solo streaming, group discussions, immersive soundscapes, or interviews with ease and flexibility.

EPOS Gaming suite

I wish they had called it something else but EPOS is targeting gamers. This suite offers a range of functionalities tailored to enhance audio performance and customization for their headsets and microphones which isn’t just for gamers. The suite provides access to a suite of features such as noise cancellation, equalizer adjustments, surround sound settings, and microphone tuning, allowing gamers to optimize their audio experience for different game genres or specific scenarios.

I wish they had called it something else but EPOS is targeting gamers. This suite offers a range of functionalities tailored to enhance audio performance and customization for their headsets and microphones which isn’t just for gamers.

Mic Options

  • VOICE ENHANCER - A broad selection of microphone enhancements/adjustments: :
  • WARM: High emphasis on the lower ends of the frequency spectrum, which gives an ASMR/podcast-like microphone performance.
  • CLEAR: High emphasis on the upper third of the frequency spectrum, giving your voice a clear sound. Ideal for gaming, where every call must come across clearly.
  • NEUTRAL: No further tuning to your microphone – your microphone sounds as it was intended to
  • CUSTOM: Allows you to create the voice effect that fits your specific needs.
  • GAIN: The volume output from your microphone. Adjust the slider from 0%-100% based on your preference
  • High pass filter: Blocks out low-frequency sounds, keeping higher-pitched audio clear.
  • SIDE TONE: Audible feedback from your voice, which is played in the headset as audio output - displayed on a slider from 0%-100%. NOISE GATE: A threshold, which is used to control output when audio is recorded from the microphone. A high noise gate will require a louder microphone signal before the signal is opened. Setting the noise gate to 0% results in the microphone being open at all times.
  • MUTE: A toggle which mutes/unmutes your microphone output.


The Epos B20 Dynamic Microphone may be a cost-effective solution if grabbed on sale for entry-level users, gamers, and streamers seeking hassle-free setup and decent voice clarity. Its inclusive package offers a straightforward plug-and-play experience, ideal for those delving into content creation or live streaming.

The integrated controls on the microphone provide convenient adjustments for volume, gain, and pickup patterns, offering adaptability for various recording scenarios. However, for musicians or professional podcasters requiring more nuanced audio settings, an XLR mic with an audio interface might be a better fit.

The 5* rating was given based on the price I paid which was £39.99 and not the MMSRP of the mic.

Special Shout-Out

Big thanks to Venus Protocol for their generous grant to get things rolling. This item was purchased using their grant fund but has in no way influenced my judgment of the product. Any reference to Venus Protocol and its website serves solely for informational purposes and does not imply any financial advice or endorsement on my part.

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