The Best 4K 60Hz Portable IPS Monitor on Aliexpress?

Exceptionally Bright IPS Panel and Superior Build Quality on Aliexpress for Unbeatable Value Compared to Amazon offerings!

Published: 1/31/2024, Updated 5/2/2024

VCHANCE 16 Inch 4K UHD Portable Monitor AU16 / AU16T

  • Tendency to reset brightness levels on a full disconnect, though easily adjustable using side dials.
  • Activation of HDR mode occasionally led to display restarts due to power inadequacy, necessitating a higher-powered adapter for full compatibility.
  • I do not believe the screen is the claimed 550 Nits


This portable monitor showcases a commendable blend of design finesse, functionality, and versatility. Its robust build, array of ports, and exceptional display quality make it a compelling choice for professional endeavours and on-the-go productivity.

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  • Portable Monitor Protective Sleeve
  • 16:10 16-Inch Portable IPS Monitor
  • 30W Power Adapter (mine is a UK Plug)
  • USB C - USB C Power Cable
  • USB C - USB C Data/Display Cable
  • USB C - USB Type A Male Cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Manual

First Impressions


The Portable Monitor unveils a remarkably slender CNC Aluminium Frame that epitomizes portability. I have opted for the Touch Screen Version as the glossy glass screen amplifies its premium allure. The build quality is solid and it is characterized by an exceptional finish that boasts impeccably smooth and refined edges. The integrated kickstand, coupled with uniquely positioned speakers, adds both functionality and elegance to the design, harmonizing effortlessly with an array of ports and buttons, notably featuring Full-Size HDMI and dual Type-C ports.

The unboxing experience itself was a delight, setting the stage for what would be a journey marked by the fusion of sophistication and functionality in this portable marvel.

Design and Build Quality


The IPS Panel is elegantly encased within a CNC Aluminium body, exuding both robustness and sophistication with its slender 4mm profile at the thinnest point. Weighing a mere 1030 grams, the 16-inch Touch screen version comes accompanied by a simple yet accommodating Monitor Sleeve, ensuring protection during travels. The build embodies solidity, lacking any notable flex, further amplifying its durability.

On the left of the monitor:

  • A 3.5mm Audio output for connecting in headphones or external speakers.
  • 2 x USB C ports for display, data and power
  • Full-Size HDMI port

To the left of the monitor, a 3.5mm Audio output facilitates seamless connectivity for headphones or external speakers. Additionally, boasting 2 x USB C ports catering to display, data, and power, along with a Full-Size HDMI port, offers a comprehensive range of connectivity options. 

On the right of the monitor:

  • A female USB Type-A port for connecting a keyboard or mouse
  • Power Button
  • Volume up and down button which doubles as a menu access button

Positioned on the right, a female USB Type-A port accommodates peripherals like keyboards or mice, accompanied by tactilely responsive Power and Volume buttons, which also serve as a gateway to menu access.

The inclusion of a full-sized HDMI input significantly enhances versatility, outshining its counterparts with mini or micro HDMI ports commonly found on portable displays. Compatibility extends to devices supporting USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode, allowing output via the USB-C port, offering a streamlined experience. It is possible to both power and output to the display using a single USB-C cable (no HDMI or power brick) on compatible devices. My Lenovo Legion 5 Pro seamlessly powered and outputted to the display through a single USB-C cable making this a truly marvellous package. However, HDR mode activation occasionally led to display restarts due to power inadequacy, promptly resolved by the bundled USB-C 30W power adapter. Newer devices that could output more power through the integrated USB-C port might address this problem. 

The accompanying power brick surpasses expectations, delivered to me with a UK plug, sparing the need for separate conversion adaptors. Nonetheless, acknowledging feedback suggesting the potential insufficiency of the 30W Power Adapter for full-brightness HDR, the inclusion of a higher-powered adapter would undoubtedly ensure broader & full compatibility.

The tactilely gratifying power and volume buttons, securely affixed to the frame, double up as intuitive controls for the OSD menu, a convenience I found particularly user-friendly.

The tablet's foldable stand, situated at the rear, exhibits a firm grip, reliably securing the device in place. Furthermore, the placement of stereo speakers within the stand, while unconventional, lends a unique characteristic to the design, complemented by rubber feet that prevent slippage.

Display Quality


The portable display boosts a sharp 4k 16:10 IPS panel boasting a resolution of 3840 x 2400 and a souring peak brightness of 550 NITS alongside HDR capabilities. While my current tools don't permit exact brightness validation, to my eyes this is not 550 NITs. It seems closer to 300 Nits when set to max brightness. Next to my laptop and Monitor the screen is noticeably dimmer compared to those.

The Panel does look good though, coupled with its sleek narrow bezels which sets it apart from even higher-priced portable displays available on popular platforms like Amazon.

One aspect that slightly detracts from the experience is the display's tendency to reset brightness levels upon unplugging. However, this minor inconvenience is easily remedied using the conveniently placed adjustment dials on its side. The default to a lower brightness upon disconnection might be attributed to an initial power draw strategy, possibly aimed at ensuring broader compatibility across various devices. I have been told by a user who purchased this monitor after me that Vchance may have updated the firmware to address this issue, but I am unable to verify this. The firmware on this monitor is not user-updateable.

The HDR functionality performs admirably, provided a sufficiently potent power adapter accompanies its use, this is an IPS panel so you won't get the contrast of an OLED but the results have shown respectable dynamic range. The colours to appear a bit faded in Windows, under desktop mode but this can be calibrated using the Windows HDR calibration tool which helps set the brightness right. The colour adjustments on the monitor itself are locked out with HDR enabled so any tuning has to be done using my HDR application/PC.

I intend to utilize these monitors for professional purposes, specifically production and broadcasting during eSport events. I initially received a suggestion to purchase a well-established brand from Amazon over this. Yet, upon comparing specifications, this Aliexpress brand offers substantially better specs than the alternatives. Opting for this unknown brand was a leap of faith that certainly paid off.

Although the display claims full DCI-P3 support, its preset settings for this colour gamut appear faded, hinting at potential calibration discrepancies. However, for users equipped with calibration tools or a keen eye for colours, manual calibration options are available.

On the other hand, the standard SRGB profile delivers vibrant and captivating colours, making it my preferred choice for current use. Additionally, the array of settings, including various HDR profiles, enhances the monitor's versatility.

While the monitor boasts AMD FreeSync compatibility, I have yet to put this feature to the test.

Touch Screen

This portable display is available in two variants: AU16 (Non-Touch) and AU16T (Touch). There is a weight disparity between the versions, with the non-touch weighing in at 770g and the touch-enabled variant at 930g, largely due to the addition of a glass touch panel

The touch panel itself exudes a smooth, glossy finish and impressively supports 10-point multitouch functionality. I rigorously tested this feature across multiple operating systems including Windows 11, Ubuntu, and mobile devices. When connected via a single USB-C cable, the touch panel seamlessly handles data, display, and power for compatible devices. However, for mobile devices, an external power adapter was necessary.

On Windows 11, the touch screen operated flawlessly, showcasing the convenience of consolidating data and power functions into a singular USB-C connection. While Ubuntu provided a functional touchscreen experience, the optimization for touch functionality on Linux falls slightly short when compared to the seamless integration observed on Windows 11.

During my evaluation, I encountered intermittent touchscreen inconsistencies while using my Honor Magic 5 Pro. It would sometimes work and sometimes it won’t, I hope this could be addressed in a future software update on my Honor Phone, which has its Desktop mode, similar to Samsung’s DEX. With a keyboard and mouse attached to the USB Type-A port on the rear, you can turn your phone into a giant touchscreen beast. 

DDC/CI Support


This portable monitor thankfully features DDC/CI (Display Data Channel / Command Interface) support. This is excellent because it means you can ditch the clunky on-screen display (OSD) buttons and control settings like brightness, contrast, colour, and input source directly through the software. I tested this functionality with both softMCCS and Monitorian, and it worked flawlessly – I could even adjust the brightness right within Windows!


In essence, I love this, the unboxing experience and setting up the 16-inch portable IPS monitor have been a joy. Its slender CNC aluminium frame, coupled with a glossy glass screen in the Touch Screen Version leads to ultra-portability and premium craftsmanship. The integration of a sturdy kickstand oddly placed speakers, and a multitude of ports and buttons harmonize functionality with elegance, setting the stage for a delightful journey with this portable marvel.

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